Welcome in the world of advanced transport solutions!

Krpan is one of the most practical and economical solutions for commuting and transportation on the short and middle distances. Its full potential is unleashed in the urban environment, because of that it is a first choice of many national and private posts, but also a »work horse« for many companies and individuals. Finally Krpan proved itself also as a great bike for public bike sharing programs.

Krpan Bicycles

Every modern city has many advantages and disadvantages, among the second we can count mobility. That is if you still think too much about cars and not on the vehicles of the future.

Among them the bicycle leads the way, a simple device that is in a way unchanged for a century, but at the same time it was never before so practical and useful.

E Krpan

Latest edition to the Krpan family is a model with an electric motor (pedelec) that makes deliveries faster and easier.

We choose the Sunstar system due to its size, efficiency and range, plus, there are two great options of the battery capacity. 


Micycle is a modular automated bike rental system for urban environments in which there is desire to reduce motorized traffic.  The system works according to the principle of acquiring a user ‘smart’ card that enables an individual to rent a bike on one location, ride to another location and return the bike there.

Development and production

Cult d.o.o. headquarters in Logatec, Slovenia are also the center for the development and production of the transport bikes KRPAN.

R&D includes several Slovenian companies, each of them being a specialist in their own field.  The frame and also the gear (from wire products to bags, protection and CNC parts) are result of the Slovenian knowledge.

Krpan on display

Krpan is a regular guest on many different shows around Europe, most important is the specialized expo POST EXPO.

We are there since 2005, but also on other events that are connected with post services, mobility and cycling. The most important ambassadors are its users. However the most important ambassadors of the Krpan bikes are its users.