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More than a bicycle, a true delivery partner

Krpan is an innovative purpose build delivery bike that is constantly improved and refined. Experiences from all over Europe and feedback for six national posts have been transferred to the latest version, which is updated with new baskets & racks and several options of customization. Krpan excels in daily delivery of smaller and mid-size items, as a transport bike for large industrial facilities or as a utility bike. It is fast, economical and environmentally friendly.

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Basket and bags  

Basket and bags

We offer three front basket options for the Krpan bike. Bigger basket is equipped with side wheels that keep the bike in a balance and can be easily stored during the ride. Smaller baskets are still big enough for several items and allows easy access; the load capacity of the basket is 10 kg. Both baskets are made of steel and are Zinc protected.

Rear bags are made of the super though and high strength polyester fabric and have double-sided PVC protection. They are tested for the temperature range from – 30°C to + 70°C and all possible weather conditions. Bags also feature certified reflectors. Bags can be easily removed and the rear rack can fold for transportation. The rack itself is made of Zinc protected steel. Overall weight of the rack and bags is now lower for more than 2 kg, while the load capacity of each is 20 kg.


More than a bicycle

  • Front basket with capacity of 10 kg is available in 3 dimensions. Steel construction is protected with anti-rust Zinc layer or dust paint.
  • Rear bumper gives the additional protection to the rear fender and tyre.
  • Rear mirror for higher safety.
  • Durable and resistance rear basket.
  • Front basked with side wheels also has a holder for the front light.
  • Side wheels are easily folded (they rise for 17 cm).
  • Hand brake works with front V-brake.


image: SLOVENIA - EUROPA 2013
Postal Vehicles

Date of issue: 22 Mar 2013

Practical, reliable, customizable. The delivery bike of future.

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