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Praktičen, zanesljiv, prilagodljiv. Kolo prihodnosti.

Krpan Bicycles is a brand of Cult Bikes.

Bikes and gear are tailor made in the European Union.

City bike

Transport bike
The story about Krpan  

The story about Krpan

One of the most famous characters in the Slovenian literature is Martin Krpan, super strong smuggler of the salt that alone faced and defeated the biggest evil-doer of the empire. Naming the name of the bike after this hero is no coincidence, since they share a lot of characteristic. Strength, pure power, wisdom, commitment. All of this is part of Krpan bike that was build with safe and environmentally friendly transport in mind. Of course it can also be used as a commuting bike.

Aluminum frame

Krpan bike is build as an integrated unit and to the customer's wishes. Aluminum frame is super though and strong, developed to fit variety of components, gear options and now also e-motor. By itself the frame is excellent base for reliable city bike, with all of the extras it is a true delivery partner. Racks, baskets and bags are specifically designed to the shape and use of the bike, plus we also developed special stands that enable the parking of the bike, even when it is full loaded.

Financial director of your company will not be the only one excited about the bike, it's users will be those with biggest smiles on their faces. They will use it in sun, rain and snow, and they will love easy entry on the bike and strong brakes that will make every ride safe. E-Krpan option is available since 2012, as an upgrade to the existing bike or as a factory build model; maintenance is simple in both cases.


Product of Slovenian company

Krpan bike is a product of Slovenian company Vizija Sport with long history in development, manufacturing and distribution of Cult bikes (www.cult.si).


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Matjaž Debelak, Sales Manager
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Practical, reliable, customizable. The delivery bike of future.

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