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Krpan Bicycles is a brand of Cult Bikes.

Bikes and gear are tailor made in the European Union.

City bike

Transport bike
Krpan Urban  

Krpan Urban

------------- OUT OF STOCK --------------

Out of stock! Electrical Cargo tricycle Krpan Urban (three-wheel) is a big brother of a well known bike Krpan (two-wheel). Aluminium frame construction with three wheels and iron base for cargo container suffice for safe transport of cargo up to 0,36 m3 in volume.

Out of stock! Electrical motor and NuVinci internal electronic automatic gears will make the transport of heavy load easier. The rear wheel is size 26’ while the two in front are size 24’, wich lowers the centre of gravity. The cargo container can be modified to meet the needs of the user.


Cargo container: 

The basic container comes without the upper hood and enables the transport of cargo, kids, groceries ...

Possible upgrades of the cargo container comes with hood and lock in three main dimesions:

MEGA:  h. 85cm, w. 59cm, l. 90cm.

MAXI:   h. 75cm, w. 59cm, l. 90cm.

MIDI:    h. 60cm, w. 59cm, l. 90cm.

Custom containers:

If non-standard upgrades will suit the wishes of the buyer, we can make custom sized container specifically for each buyer.


Cargo bike Urban is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes on all three wheels, which can also be used as a parking hand-brake. The parking brakes are activated with the small chock on the brake levers.

Dimensions of bike and smart parking:

Height 120 cm, width 79 cm, lenght 218 cm.

For space saving purposes it is possible to park the bike in the upright position. If parked like that, it takes just 0,95 m2 of area (area of normaly parked cargo bike is 1,72 m2). 


More about Krpan Urban

Cargo bike Urban is equipped with Bafang motor, which is positioned in the middle/center of the frame. The motor provides 6 levels of assist, including walk and will greatly ease cargo transport.

Levels of assist:

Walking assistance: To help you while walking alongside the bicycle when taking a small bump or a small slope, you can use the walking assistance.

Level 1 gives you the least support and consumes the least energy of your battery, resulting in a higher action range. (Under ideal conditions about 60 km)

Level 5 gives you the most support and consumes the most energy of your battery, resulting in a lower range of action. (Under ideal conditions about 30 km)

Specification of motor and battery

Motor: Bafang Max Drive, 36V, 250W, 80Nm,

Battery: A BMZ, 36V, 15.5Ah, 468Wh


Cargo bike Urban is euipped with automatic electronic gearing sistem of NuVinci. You can set the cadance with the three buttons on the left side of the control panel.

HIGH:             Fast cadence            70 rotations/min

STANDARD:  Average cadence      55 rotations/min

SLOW:           Slow cadence            35 rotations/min

Practical, reliable, customizable. The delivery bike of future.

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