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Praktičen, zanesljiv, prilagodljiv. Kolo prihodnosti.

Krpan Bicycles is a brand of Cult Bikes.

Bikes and gear are tailor made in the European Union.

City bike

Transport bike
Welcome in the world of advanced transport solutions!  

Welcome in the world of advanced transport solutions!

Krpan is one of the most practical and economical solutions for commuting and transportation on the short and middle distances. Its full potential is unleashed in the urban environment, because of that it is a first choice of many national and private posts, but also a »work horse« for many companies and individuals. Finally Krpan proved itself also as a great bike for public bike sharing programs.

Modern city

Every modern city has many advantages and disadvantages, among the second we can count mobility. That is if you still think too much about cars and not on the vehicles of the future. Among them the bicycle leads the way, a simple device that is in a way unchanged for a century, but at the same time it was never before so practical and useful. Krpan bicycle is in development since 1999 and until now every customer was exited about it, no matter how big was the organization that choose it. Economical benefits and quality were always convincing. Bike went across a lot of curbstones, delivered millions of letters & packages and performed in every season, even the harshest. Krpan is a bicycle like no other, it's almost indestructible and practical to the last bolt.


More than a bicycle

  • Front basket with capacity of 10 kg is available in 3 dimensions. Steel construction is protected with anti-rust Zinc layer or dust paint.
  • Rear bumper gives the additional protection to the rear fender and tyre.
  • Rear mirror for higher safety.
  • Durable and resistance rear basket.
  • Front basked with side wheels also has a holder for the front light.
  • Side wheels are easily folded (they rise for 17 cm).
  • Hand brake works with front V-brake.


image: SLOVENIA - EUROPA 2013
Postal Vehicles

Date of issue: 22 Mar 2013

Practical, reliable, customizable. The delivery bike of future.

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